Pain Pain is the oldest medical problem and the most common reason we seek medical care.1 It is often classified as acute or chronic depending on how long the pain is present. 2 As pain is a subjective experience, doctors assess pain severity on a rating scale according to personal reports by patients.2 The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends clinicians treat pain according to a ‘Pain Ladder’, which allocates medication classes according to the severity of the pain – as you go up the ‘pain severity ladder’, different classes of medication are added for pain relief. 3

The Adcock Ingram Pain portfolio has a wide range of pharmaceutical products that cover the entire spectrum of the WHO ‘Pain Ladder’ and pain rating scale. 2

Our range of products can be used for acute pain relief or for long-term chronic treatment of various painful conditions including but not limited to: headache with or without tension, low back pain, muscle spasms, inflammatory conditions, sports injuries, dental pain, cancer pain and post-operative pain. 2

Speak to you pharmacists about the Adcock Ingram's range of products available over the counter. For more severe pain, consult your Doctor for Adcock Ingram's Prescription Pain medication.

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