Our Distribution department continues with its focus on improving service levels, maintaining regulatory compliance, and tightly managing costs.

Early in the 2020 calendar year, an initial four-year arrangement was reached with RTT to take over the Company’s product delivery infrastructure, including the owner-drivers and their staff. Subsequent to implementation on 1 March 2020, the scope of services provided by RTT includes despatch management, inter-depot movements, office courier, customer deliveries including cross-border, and the fleet. Our in-house department remains responsible for warehousing, orders, customer service, inventory management and planning, and compliance.

In January 2020, a distribution centre was established in Halfway House, which houses the Genop laboratory, and training and procedure room. It also serves as the bulk receiving and storage site for Epi-Max. The COVID-19 pandemic added activities and compliance measures to the infrastructure in order to ensure that service delivery levels are maintained, including shift rotations and additional hygiene protocols.

Adcock Ingram is working to find long-term environmental solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of its national logistics presence.

Distribution Centres