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Adcock Ingram Saving the Earth by Using the Earth

2013/09/17 00:00:00

Adcock Ingram’s liquid facility in Clayville extends across 50,000m2 of well-developed industrial land and is set up to produce over 12 million litres of oral liquid medication every year. The plant features advanced automated manufacturing and hi-tech, high-speed mechanised lines of the best quality. Perhaps the most laudable aspect of the plant is its innovative use of green technologies which have significantly reduced power consumption, costs, and the company’s carbon footprint.

The High Volume Liquids (HVL) facility situated in Clayville was completed towards the end of 2012 and cost R550m to construct. It features a fully automated, advanced manufacturing capability with high-speed mechanised lines, which consistently produce the highest quality liquid products at the most efficient rate.

The design of Adcock Ingram’s HVL facility allows for significant expansion. Although it currently generates 12 million litres a year, the aim is to eventually produce an astounding 18 million litres per annum. In addition to its production capabilities, the facility also created 87 new jobs.

One of the main highlights of the HVL facility is its focus on environmentally friendly green technologies which have managed to cut annual energy consumption by 528 000 kWh and costs by over R879 000. This is not only good for the company’s bottom line but makes a significant impact on its carbon footprint as well.

How was this achieved? When upgrading the facility, emphasis was placed on geothermal-based energy management. This is where the earth’s constant below-ground temperature of 16°C is harnessed to heat, cool and ventilate the premises. This is done through a Vertical Closed Loop geothermal system whereby geothermal piping is placed up to 120 metres underground to ensure water is cooled/heated naturally as opposed to using energy to do so – with substantially positive results.

This is the first example of large scale geothermal-based energy management in South Africa and sets a commendable precedent in creating a more sustainable future.
Adcock Ingram CEO, Jonathan Louw says, “Of significance, the HVL facility at Clayville showcases the dynamic use of geothermal technology through which we work with the earth’s natural power to save energy. Adcock Ingram is always moving with international standards and best practice. We are proud of the results we have achieved at our Clayville operations. This is only the beginning.”